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We are affiliated with the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA and participate as much as we can in the wide variety of events from the ever-expanding ancient knowledge Sai spiritual community. They offer monthly Pujas for Peace on New and Full Moons (these are webcast) and other long distance programs as well as monthly week-end retreats.

A current project that is close to our hearts here in Grass Valley at our home temple, Sai Shakti Healing, is getting out the information on how to use the five elements to decharge and rebalance our energy after long hours of service or times of intense interaction with others. This information is life changing for any teachers, parents, therapists, nurses, listening ears, teens, police, care-givers, or any type of service worker. It is easy to use and understand by anyone of any faith.


Singer/Composer/Producer ~ I have been singing all my life. I started composing songs when I got my first guitar at age 14. I longed to sing songs that nourished my heart as well as the classical songs of my vocal training that developed my voice. I have written lyrics and melodies for over fifty songs. I play piano, guitar, harmonium and synthesizer and see my strongest gift as a singer.

In 1993, I produced my first album. It is now remastered and released on CD. It is called "Comin' Home" and is a legacy of my song writing during the first half of my life. I have performed in many places around the world: Alaska, Thailand, Budapest, South America, the Denver Coaching Expo, the San Francisco Whole Life Expo and several Goddess Festivals in the California Monterey Bay area. I was the vocalist for "The Hero's Journey" in the Buckminster Fuller Ampitheater in Bali. [See more of her story.]

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Life Coach ~ I am passionate about our potential as human beings and I love to support others who are ready to leap into their brilliance. I have a Doctorate in Communication, a California State Teaching Credential K-adult, and I am a Certified Business Coach.

Educator/Author ~ I shared many years of my life educating young people. I was a classroom teacher for a total of 15 years. Four of those years I taught vocal music and five of those years I trained and coached teachers. I co-authored a book for educators with Patricia Belvel published by Corwin Press in August, 2002. It is called, “Rethinking Classroom Management". It is a resource and guide for teachers and parents who are interested in empowering the learner and restoring respect, creativity, and dignity to the classroom. [More about the book.]


Musician/Composer ~ My musical expression is quite varied. The instruments I currently play are: guitar, harmonium, piano, didgeridoo, Celtic harp, harmonica, African and middle-eastern hand drums, Native American flute, synthesizer, and numerous percussion instruments. I also enjoy expressing with my voice, singing, chanting, toning, and over-toning. I have written a number of songs, and currently enjoy composing material for our CD productions.

I started playing music at an early age, and was part of an award-winning rock band as a teenager. As a young adult, living at Ananda Village Yoga Community, I focused on devotional music while being a father and an entrepreneur.

Recording Engineer/Producer ~ I have been recording using digital equipment for many years, and am continuously learning more about it. We do recording and editing via computer. As a producer I have an ear for the pieces that make up an interesting musical production. I enjoy listening for how the magic is created. My real passion is in making that magic happen in our productions.

Technical Writer and Video Editor/Producer ~ I write technical documents for a variety of uses. I have the ability to take something complicated and make it easy to understand. I have written many documents for major companies in the high-tech industry, including Telestream and Sony Computer Entertainment America,. I have produced many video tutorials as well as high profile marketing videos. This is in addition to the videos for non-profit organizations, musical groups, travel log, and alternative health care solutions.

Healing Music ~ In 2001 I co-created a beautiful album of healing music, Entering Devachan, that has become popular for massage, relaxation, meditation, and inspiration. In 1999 I helped start the Healing Music Organization. The web site is an amazing resource of information about music and sound as a healing modality.


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