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Favorite Web Sites

Here are some of the websites that we frequent for inspiration, information, and fun. Enjoy!

~ Musicians ~

Mystic Jamms Band~ Maya & Sage played with this band in Santa Cruz,CA for five years, with monthly kirtan evenings. This band no longer plays together but we cherish the 5 years of playing and sharing with those that came. Our kirtan evenings were called, MUSIC AS MEDICINE: Lifting Body & Soul Through Sacred Song.

LoveLiveForgive - a unique compilation of wisdom from artists and musicians. This is the link to Maya & Sage's article in the book.

Simrit - A deep devotional singer who is also offering healing videos.

MC Yogi ~ New life for the future of chant. We LOVE the Elephant Power CD!

Deva Premal & Miten have been an inspiration for both of us ever since we discovered their albums. We had the pleasure of attending a voice celebration workshop with Premal and Miten on Maui during the Ram Dass Weekend in '02. We also got to see them perform and invite Jai Uttal on stage with them. What a night! They came to Santa Cruz on May 4th, 2005. It was a special night of connection!

Jai Uttal ~ Jai delivered Maya to the world of Bhakti (chanting as a way of life). Jai's music unites hearts and cultures as we all go straight to God. His devotional chanting kirtans and workshops are life changing experiences.

Shantala ~ Benjy & Heather Wertheimer bring beautiful sacred chants full of heart and devotion.

Krishna Das ~ Krishna Das brings chanting to the Western world.

Bhagavan Das ~ Wild chanter extraordinaire!

Silvia Nakkach ~ Silvia is recording artist and beloved voice teacher of ours. She brings us straight to the joy in music. Her music school, Vox Mundi in Emeryville, CA has many offerings. She is featured on our CD, Spirit of Love on the song, "Calling Sita Ram/Jai Sita Ram".

Kutira & Raphael ~ Love involking musicians, tantric teachers and founders of the Kahua Institute on Maui, Kutira and Raphael bring spirit to their music and their work as teachers in the bamboo paradise in Hawaii. We stayed at their retreat, the Kahua Institute when we went to the Rass Dass Devotional Weekend on Maui November 2002.

Wah! ~ Upbeat chanting with female chantress, Wah! Her chants have a jazz twist.

Watch for additions as the list grows on........

~ Inspirational Resources & Healers ~

Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami ~ Offering the gifts of the divine lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba, this amazing teacher and miracle saint passes on the ancient processes of the rishis. Sri Kaleshwar took mahasamadhi in March of 2012.

Om Mama Blessing Mantra on YouTube or Listen to Maya & Sage and the Mystic JAMMS singing the mp3 of the Om Mama Blessing Mantra from Sri Kaleshwar. A free download is also available here.

Divine Lineage Healing Center is a spiritual organization in Laytonville CA. Maya & Sage are closely aligned with this group and its main teachers, Monika & Nityaananda, Swami Kaleshwar's top students and close companions during his time on the planet.

Shirdi Sai Baba ~ Divine Lineage section on Sri Kaleshwar's site

Sai Shakti Healing Center - Dr. Kimberly Naujock-Hargrove and Chris Hargrove LCSW amazing Sai Shakti teachers and healers in Tennesee!

Paramahansa Yogananda ~ This is a link to a brief story of the life of Yogananda.

Ramana Maharshi - A true saint of pure pointing to the truth.

Gangaji ~ This beautiful updated site if filled with great spirit boosters!

The Shift Network -A network of people and classes dedicated to uplifting,inspiring and giving the tools to really shift into the new vibrations necessary for changing the world in these troubled times.

Elijah Free ~ Elijah is a master healer who has helped both Sage and Maya recover from long tern back/neck/ hip problems. He has also helped others with injuries that have been untreatable by chiropractors and specialists. As well as being a master herbalist, he works with the spine and skeletal system to help people become pain free and able to lead normal lives. Elijah is also a master herbalist and has developed herbal formulas for fibromyalisia, PTSD, and many other hard to treat human conditions.

Inelia Benz ~ Amazing information and tools to help raise the vibration of ourselves, the collective and of the planet.

Hay House Radio ~ Radio for your soul. Free to join and listen 24 hours a day (including archive shows) to inspiring talks with great teachers like Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, Cheryl Richardson, and many more. These are also great opportunities to call in and get your questions answered.

Amnesty International ~ Save the Humans! And thanks to folks like these who are willing to go the front lines for human rights! Check out this Utube rockin' video that is an international proclamation for Peace on Earth.

Baba Hari Dass ~ Founder and spiritual leader of Mount Madonna Center and esteemed teacher of Ashtanga Yoga

Eckhart Tolle ~ Inspiration and techniques to be in the present moment and live life from there.

Neem Karoli Baba ~ Beloved Maharaj-ji of Ram Dass, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, and Bhagavan Das

Ammachi ~ Famous enlightened mother who hugs. Also a prolific chant composer. She has an ashram in the Bay area so it is possible to experience her several times a year.

Ram Dass ~ Sharing the wisdom of an Earthling's journey and aging.

Seeds of Unfolding ~ An interesting spiritual site with contributions from all over the world.

~ Relationship & Conscious Parenting~

Birthing a New Mother - For new mothers, the dishes will get done eventually. From the book by Sheryl Paul a well known counselor on transitions.

Spiritual Partnership ~ This site has high level information on forming spiritual partnerships.

Marilynne Chöphel ~ Marilynne has many wonderful services for couples or singles. Her guidance is filled with love and safety. She also offers a book on the loss of a close loved one through suicide which looks very powerful.

Living Waters Spa ~ A sweet get-away in Desert Hot Springs, CA. This small intimate clothing optional spa is a wonderful place to retreat and get nurtured with Jeff and Judy Bowman. The water is pure and healing. Most rooms have kitchens or you can enjoy the complimentary breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Joyful Parenting ~ Discover joy with our dear friends, Win and Bill Sweet. Learn from their experience how to live from your True Self and how to raise your children in the sweet joy that this brings.

~ Creative Arts ~

Barry Stevens ~ Beautiful mandalas and other inspirations from Wales. We used Barry's "Radiance" mandala in our Spirit of Love graphic design.


~ Independent Musician Resources ~

CD Baby ~ A great online place to sell your CDs. The people there are fun, fair, and helpful. You can learn a lot about what is going on with other musicians in your genre by looking at the website and clicking through a few links of interest. If you click on SELL YOUR CD, you can explore every aspect of the recording industry. This is THE place for Independent musicians to sell their music online: Sell your CD.

The Singer's Workshop ~ All kinds of useful information for singers or indie songwriters/performers. It is put together by Liz Lewis and her team. Check out the articles!

Musicians Health ~ Take good care!

Gearslutz Forums ~ Find out about which music gear is the best from folks who are really using the stuff..

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