Maya and Sage’s “feel good” music is pure sonic gold, sacred fun to light your path!

The songs flow from soft and deeply connecting, like the title song “Spirit of Love” in English and Sanskrit, to dancing rhythms layered with melodic and exotic sounds in the frolicking party song, “Celebration.”

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1~ Calling Sita Ram A chant for uniting with our own perfect masculine and feminine. On this Sanskrit chant, special guest Silvia Nakkach joins Maya and Sage, singing forth her invocation to the divine couple. This gentle and compelling chant transitions directly into track 2, Jai Sita Ram. (Vocals, harmonium, tambura, bells, keyboards.) 3:54

2 ~ Jai Sita Ram Chanting trance-dance, with vocal embellishments by Silvia Nakkach. Imagine dancing with Sita and Ram in the jungle! This chant to the divine couple was written in the Monkey Temple at the Kahua Institute on Maui. (Vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, variety of percussion, keyboards.) 5:56

3 ~ Spirit of Love is a chant in English and Sanskrit. It is a journey into connection with Love, allowing the Spirit of Love to hold us and rock us. It builds from soft to more upbeat, lush and layered, then back to an enveloping Love-filled finish. (Vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass, hand drums, tambourine, chimes, keyboards.) 10:07

4 ~ Heaven’s Rain is a joyful romp with a love tickle. Fall in love, be in love, know the great big Love! (Vocals, Celtic harp, harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass, shaman drum, shaker, tambourine, drum kit.) 4:59

5 ~ Ancestors’ Breath stirs the journey with an ancient deep call to the ancestors. This wordless meditative journey leads directly into track 6, My Breath. (Native American flute, rain stick, shaman shaker, crystal bowl, vocal tones, didgeridoo, breath sounds, Red Shouldered Hawk and Great Horned Owl.) 3:47

6 ~ My Breath Praising the breath and calling in the angels and ancestors, with Geoffrey Gordon’s spirited percussion. Wonderful song for dancing or breath work. (Vocals, Native American flute, tabla, kartals, shaker, harmonium, keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar.) 5:08

7 ~ Utopia is a dramatic, danceable exploration of “the longing.” (Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, didgeridoo, congas, tabla, clave, shakers, keyboards.) 6:39

8 ~ Lakshmi Ma is a Sanskrit chant with a prayerful tone to the compassionate divine mother and her blessings of abundance. It is a “love salve” for soothing and transforming our lives. (Vocals, harmonium, piano, chimes, crystal bowl, cymbal.) 6:01

9 ~ Wild Companions sets sail on the great journey of Love by adapting the words of Daniel Ladinsky’s translation of a poem called “What Happens” by Persia’s 14th-century mystic poet, Hafiz. (Vocals, WX-7 wind synth, penny whistle, recorder, guitar, bass, piano, dumbek, shakers, tambourine.) 6:23

10 ~ Celebration brings a chant dance mix for “full body” celebrating of the precious moment. Great song for dancing, celebrating with friends, enjoying the week-end or evening, or for experiencing gratitude for life. (Vocals, saxophone, trumpet, organ, guitar, drum kit, hand drums, bass, party sounds.) 7:14

11 ~ Jai Sita Ram (Reprise) Dancing and chanting our way to heaven in a short call & response version of track 2. 2:55

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Total play time 64:01

Spirit of Love special guest artists: SILVIA NAKKACH, international voice culturalist, selected by UTNE
magazine as being “…one of the top 40 international artists who will shake the art world.”
GEOFFREY GORDON, world percussionist appearing on albums of
Robbie Robertson, Rita Coolidge and Walea, and Jai Uttal.

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