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Mantra Meets Melody ~ Mantras from ancient times speaking the language of the chakras ~

At Baba's Feet

Gentle grooves mixed with a background of soft harmonies and gentle instruments make these mantra creations perfect for yoga and movement, for rejuvenation and rebalancing, for contemplation and enjoying moments of gratitude.

Healing the soul longing, smoothing the energy of the day, letting go of the "little things" that get in the way of happiness in the moment, mantras and the gentle rhythmic melodies can carry you to the deeper truth of who you are and why you are here in this earthly plane. Let the music fill you with vibrations of peace and fulfillment.

Click to play:
1. Guru Mantra

2. Ganesha
3. Kali Ma
4. Om Mama

5. Om Mani Padme Hum
6. Hare Rama


At Baba's Feet ~ Inspiring bhajans sung by devotees of Sri Sai Kaleshwara. Recorded at the Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda, India ~

At Baba's Feet

Experience the dynamic peace, love, and power of Kirtan:  Community devotional singing and sacred sound yoga.

Through the ancient Sanskrit seed-sounds and holy names, the energetic formula of each bhajan brings a unique angle of the Divine to heal and purify your being.

At Baba’s Feet takes you on a wonderful Kirtan journey where you can drink the glorious nectar of the Divine and transform the very fabric of your life.

~ Free Full Om Nama Shivaya Download >

Tracks and Free Download
Click to play:
1. Guru Mantra

2. Gajanana
3. Jaya Ma
4. Swagatam Krishna

5. Ganga Jatadhara
6. Shirdi Sai

7. Om Mama
8. Antara Jyoti Namo

9. Om Nama Shivaya


Om Mama Blessing Mantra ~ This mantra is a super tonic for any problem and brings Divine blessings into your life! ~

Om Mama Blessing Mantra

We gratefully thank the miracle healing saint Sri Sai Kaleshwara for this powerful mantra. Listen, sing it, share it to bring soul peace and divine blessings.

The full CD is a 41 minute version with 54 repetitions of this super tonic for any problem.

Performed by Maya & Sage and The Mystic JAMMS Band

Samples and Free Download
Click to play:
~ Om Mama Sample Clip
(3 repetitions of mantra)

~ Free Om Mama Song >

(9 repetitions of mantra)

~ CD is 54 repetitions of mantra

~ Words and chords >>

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Spirit of Love ~ Devotional Chanting and Spiritual Love Songs ~
      Reached #1 on many New Age radio charts!

Spirit of Love

“I love Maya’s voice. The vibrato is beautiful and the spirit and
energy coming out of her voice is profound and felt eternal.”

– Raphael “Music to Disappear In”

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64 minutes of “feel good” music for ecstatic spirit celebration. Refreshing, spirited, healing!

Spirit of Love sparks a joyous soul fest with an eclectic blend of eleven tracks that cross the boundaries of chant, world, pop, new age, and dance. Maya’s soul awakening mantras and lyrics, clear prophetic vocals, groove guitar and piano are embellished with Sage’s unique harmonies and multi-talents on percussion, didgeridoo, Celtic harp, Native American flute, electric guitar, harmonica, and keyboards. Special guest musicians, Silvia Nakkach and Geoffrey Gordon, add their inspiring talents to the mixes.

“Maya has a beautiful voice and the music she and Sage create comes from a place of fine intention. We recommend anyone on the path to give this album a listen.”
– Deva Premal & Miten

Tracks and Free Download
Click to play:
1. Calling Sita Ram
2. Jai Sita Ram
3. Spirit of Love
4. Heaven's Rain
5. Ancestors' Breath
6. My Breath
7. Utopia
8. Lakshmi Ma
9. Wild Companions
10. Celebration
11. Jai Sita Ram (Reprise)

More song info >>
Song Lyrics >>

~ Free Download, #11 Reprise >

Spirit of Love

In Canada at Afternoon Music

Entering Devachan ~ Heavenly Music for Healing and Meditation
See Entering Devachan on CD Baby for more sound clips, a more complete description, and you can buy it there too!

Entering Devachan, created by Sage and sound healer Amrita Cottrell, is a popular CD of heavenly music for relaxation, meditation, massage, healing, inspiration, breathwork, enjoyable listening pleasure, and as an aid to restful sleep.

Let Entering Devachan take you on a relaxing magical journey into celestial realms, earth elements, ocean depths, and alpine meadows with the wondrous sounds of crystal singing bowls, haunting vocals, didgeridoo, Celtic harp, shaman drum, enchanted whale calls, forest frogs, summer crickets, joyful bird songs, and more.

1. Invocation
2. Gaia's Pulse
3. Liquid Memories
4. The Healing Heart
5. In the Beginning
6. Dance of the Divine
7. Crystal Dreaming

Entering Devachan

Comin' Home  

From longing, loving, and searching...to strength, hope, and wisdom, Comin’ Home has eleven songs of inspiration and encouragement. Originally recorded in 1993, these old favorites have been remastered to bring you the sweetness of Maya’s heart warming, foot tapping folk-rock. These are Maya’s songs from the journey, tunes that have stirred the spirit of many over the years.

Maya sings the vocals with layers of her own rich harmonies. She plays guitar and is joined by guest musicians playing violin, mandolin, drums, harmonica and flute. Let your spirit soar as you journey home.

1. Red Bandana Blues
2. Strength of the Bear
3. Ageless Beauty
4. Full Moon
5. Comin' Home
6. Makin it Right
7. If Words Could Glow
8. Asleep at the Wheel
9. Friends
10. Thing Called Love
11. I'm in Love


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