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What people are saying...

...about the Spirit of Love CD

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"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your CD. Tons of heart. I especially liked the country-ish songs with the harmonica! Lots of luck and love to you." Jai Uttal

“Really liked it, voice exceptional!" Earthstar, Klamath Falls, OR

"This is such a wonderful CD. I first heard it on my local station, WTUL.FM, 91.5, New Orleans. So glad I now have the CD." Bruce, New Orleans

"Thank you so much for sending your CD. We are really enjoying listening to it often."
Thomas & Margalo Ashley-Farrand

“We like this kind of fun mix for the customers while they shop.” Darin, buyer at Gateways Books & Music, Santa Cruz, CA.

“We like the new release Spirit Of Love from Maya & Sage here on 100,000 watt KUMD in Duluth, MN. We love the exotic sweeping soundscape that this record paints. It's beautiful! It's getting 2-3 spins a week during our evening programming.”
John Ziegler, Program Director KUMD

“Maya & Sage - Spirit Of Love, was played in its entirety on our Daily Mailbag Show on September 29, 2004. We would like to acquire more of this spice of music.” Christine M. Stach, Program Director, WQRZ Bay Saint Louis, MS

“Loved it!” Whole Life Books, Austin, TX

“Maya & Sage in Spirit of Love make an authentic work of fusion of different styles. If to Maya's beautiful voice we join a handful of sweet, warm melodies, we will get as a result this exquisite album.” Alejandro Hinojosa, Amazing Sounds, Barcelona, Spain

Well I tell ya---we know the coolest couple and their music is absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have to meet them. Their names are Maya and Sage and they are totally on the cutting edge providing spiritual music for ALL mankind!!! Expansive, healing, energetic, grounding, loving, finding, answering, connecting, settling, knowing, supporting,.....ETC. CD Baby.com

"You are blessed and gifted, thanks for the wonderful music. Praises to the "Spirit of Love" chant. Each client that has heard it thanks me for sharing and ... I THANK YOU! " C Joy, Spokane, WA

"I love Maya's voice. The vibrato is beautiful and the spirit and energy coming out of her voice is profound and felt eternal."
Raphael, Music to Disappear In

"Maya has a beautiful voice and the music she and Sage create comes from a place of fine intention. We recommend anyone on the path to give this album a listen."
Deva Premal & Miten

“Gorgeous!” Banyon Sound, Vancouver, BC

“I love the first four tracks and can’t wait to hear more!” Lee Starkey, at East/West Books & Music, Mountain View, CA.

"I listened to your amazing music at Gateways, it is wonderful, congratulation." Love, Amita, Santa Cruz, CA

“Have been listening to your CD. Very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you. It's great the way that the web enables us all to co-operate and share inspiration across the ocean.” Barry Stevens, Wales UK

"I just want to let you know how MUCH I am enjoying your CD! I've been listening to it all day, finding it endlessly pleasurable... Words cannot express how deeply I'm moved..." Kieran, Santa Cruz, CA

"After listening to clips of your CD Spirit of Love and viewing your website the feelings that overcame me let me know that I am truly moving in the right direction. If you ever find your way to Phoenix AZ or I can make it to CA somewhere where you will be appearing I would truly be honored to meet the two of you. But for now I am going to purchase your CD and begin my light filled journey." Loretta, Phoenix, AZ

"...your music is a real source of relaxation and inspiration for me. It really has helped me through my moments of sadness and depression. I listen to your music everyday at my job.
Thanks a lot for that." Elvis, British Virgin Islands

"We loved the bits we could hear on the computer....both the vocals and the music. You are a lovely, harmonious duo! I am very, very touched by your presence. I hope we have a chance to meet in person one day." Maya Sage, Florida

"The CD is wonderful...warm, fun, deep, sweet....we are enjoying it very much!!" Hillary & Russ, Santa Cruz, CA

...about Maya & Sage

"It was a joy to participate in my first-ever evening of chanting with you! I love your music and your energy. Thanks for sending the reviews of "Spirit of Love" and your schedule. It's wonderful to see that your work is being recognized and appreciated, both for its own sake, and for who and what the two of you radiate." Cindy. Monterey, CA

We are so happy to have been delivered by the universe to see you and hear you this past Saturday in Santa Cruz. We have been listening to your CDs and find our heads and hearts filled with your music. We also realized that we did not buy the CD of the Mystic JAMMS band. That too, would help us to continue to experience your wonderful healing music.
Lee & Paula, Santa Cruz, CA

Your beautiful music made a wonderful evening even more beautiful. Thank you for your music from the heart. --Rebecca, Monterey, CA

I am sending a gazillion catrillion big thank yous to you and Sage for a gift that means just so much to me. I feel inspired and uplifted’m just so grateful for a tremendously beautiful devotional evening tonight. Maya, thank you so much for all the beautiful devotion and music. Besides the music being majestically marvelous, the visual beauty was such a special treat - among all the carefully arranged things, I love the little altar in front on the floor with the single candle and
voluptuous flowers, and the string of lights that creates a kind of 'pond' effect, and all the beauty of the instruments and of you and Sage yourselves - all of it - just as much as the tinkling of the tiny bells, the welcomed resonance of the didgeridoo, all of it.
Thank you just as much also for the very practical end of things, all that toting and hauling and setting up and breaking down. I appreciate so much all the tender loving care and hard work you and Sage brought to creating such a satisfying, sacred celebration. Blindweaver, Santa Cruz, CA

"We continue to have a warm glow about last evening. You two just radiate beauty and joy, and it was a delight to bask in the loveliness of your music." Bill Sweet, Milpitas, CA

I enjoyed Sunday morning's musical offerings so much. It was wonderful to see you and Sage, and to be blessed by your spirit sounds. I continue
to be thrilled by each piece you present. Thank you so much. Kieran, Santa Cruz, CA

"The music you shared was so amazing. I was filled with immense joy... the sound of the harp, guitar and keyboard. It was like a dream come true. What a way to begin a celebration." Hope, Santa Cruz CA

"Thank you so much for creating the delightful spirit space." Jeremy, Boulder Creek CA

"So wonderful, Maya to be blessed by your beautiful gifts of music and song. Thank you for sharing your joy!" Kieran, Santa Cruz, CA

"This music is important for the world at this time." Merlin, AZ.

Beautiful Singing!!!!! Kelly, Atlanta, GA

"...I had the pleasure of working with Maya & Sage on a regular basis for over a year and I cannot praise them enough. Sage is a gifted musician, adept on so many instruments. His knowledge of chants from various traditions is considerable. Maya sings like an angel and can inject feeling tones of anything from celestial to blues! They are always on time, prepared and deeply invested in the experience. Maya and Sage really know how to build an energetic field that heals, blesses, uplifts and brings smiles to all who are present. I am so grateful that they are in my life and have been part of my ministry." Rev Carol Carnes, Center for Conscious Living, Santa Cruz, California

Maya and Sage are a wonderful, heart centered duo that generates tremendous participation and pleasure for their audiences. Sage's absolutely amazing versatility on instruments of many kinds such as Celtic harp, drums, flutes, etc., balances Maya's sweet voice and powerful guitar. Maya's original songs help us all explore ourselves and celebrate what is good. They sing and play passionately and foster a deep appreciation for life, spirit and love. I recommend them for any event or gathering where Spirit is invoked.
Gail Swain, Unity Temple of Santa Cruz, Music Coordinator

Your email is important today. I and our group (esoteric) are taking care, 24 hours a day, of the elderly. This morning one of them (wife) had a stroke and the other (husband) seems to be dying. I received the thought - listen to kirtans. I had a Krishna Das CD (or thought I did) and wanted to put it on for our dying man and couldn't find the CD. I went to my computer to check emails. There was your email! I played what I could from your website. It is beautiful. Truly this was synchronicity of a sacred kind. We will continue to tend to the dying and what I can hear on your site will accompany us. It's truly a sacred meeting and timing of this situation. Your music uplifts us and bring us to God. With love and gratitude.
Risa D'Angeles

"Maya, you have a beautiful voice. It penetrates to the soul. Sage, your harp playing is soul touching." Robert, Boulder Creek, CA.

I experience Spirit of Love as a truly magnificent, inspired and inspiring chant; I loved being with you Wednesday to experience the group responding to it. To me, it was as if all the other chants led up to that - that was the peak experience for me, my access to awe. Thank
you!! Kieran, Santa Cruz, CA

I went to the chanting on New Year's day evening... and was thrilled to see you both connected to one of the most favorite chanting angels... Jennifer (Berezan)..... I had a wonderful chanting evening.. and left so high!!! You both fit in so well on the stage... Looking forward to more singing with you in this new year.... Oh. by the way.... I've turned on my clients to your cd.. and they bought one for themselves.... I play it during my massages sometimes..... (well, parts of it ) I just will want to dance too much!!! And also, I was watching our local TV channel the other night and they had you on there from a taped time at Unity temple... I loved it!!! Maya, your voice is really incredible!!!! Blessings for all your work and being...... Caryl, Boulder Creek CA


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